MHP Salud implements and runs Community Health Worker programs that provide peer health education, increase access to health resources and bring community members closer. Community leaders, called Community Health Workers, provide the inspiration, direction and vision necessary to build stronger, healthier communities from within. MHP Salud also has extensive experience offering health organizations training and technical assistance on Community Health Worker programming tailored to their specific needs.

A word from the staff

In a year when the country’s Latino population and health care system dominated the headlines, Community Health Workers took the spotlight in 2014. There’s been more demand than ever for reaching and holistically treating those who slip through the cracks of the health care system. More funders, providers and patients are turning to us to find time-tested programs with innovative implementation that deliver results. We started new programs, reached more people and adopted new technologies to better reach those we serve.


One CHW’s journey to the national spotlight

“Getting degrees and studying gets more credibility, but by no means is that comparable to the experience of a CHW.”

Our staff sits on local, state and national CHW coalitions across the country.

Letty Gutierrez
Texas Dept. of State Health Services CHW Advisory Committee
Genoveva Martinez
Office of Minority Health National Promotora Initiative
Colleen Reinert
Florida CHW Coalition, Executive Counsel American Public Health Association CHW Section
Ashley Martin
National Peer Support Collaborative Learning Network Special Audiences Working Group
Patria Alguila
Florida CHW Coalition



Instinto Maternal: Finding innovative solutions within the community

“People in the establishment tend to think they have all the answers, but no one knows a community as well as they know themselves.”


Crafting the return-on-investment of community care

Our Research, Evaluation and Technology Lead’s path from the soccer fields of Zambia to calculating an ROI for CHW programs.

Program by program, learn more about our results from 2014 below.

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Like what you see? MHP Salud is prepared to put its experience to work for your innovative CHW programs that deliver real outcomes.

Multi-level organizational planning • CHW training • Running CHW programs


MHP Salud implements Community Health Worker programs to empower underserved Latino communities and promotes the CHW model nationally as a culturally appropriate strategy to improve health.


The Beginning

Since its inception in 1983, MHP Salud has developed a strong history of working with Latinos and their communities to improve health and increase access to care. A group of Catholic sisters originally shaped this vision out of their commitment to improving the health of farmworkers in Michigan.



We launched our first CHW program in Bangor, Michigan in 1985 based on David Werner’s Village Health Worker model and is tailored to the unique needs and strengths of the Latino farmworker community. Additional programs followed throughout the Midwest after this program’s success. Since 1985, MHP Salud has helped to develop an average of two CHW programs each year.



Our award-winning programs have consistently grown in scale, depth and complexity over time due to the vision and hard work of agency staff, CHWs and others who support them. We’ve expanded nationally and offer training and technical assistance to those seeking to use our experience to start or bolster their own CHW programs.



With the emergence of the Affordable Care Act and the accompanying changes to U.S. health care delivery, we see CHWs as a key component of successful, cost effective and lasting patient care, especially for difficult-to-serve populations. We are convinced that equipping community-based CHWs with state-of-the-art technology is the best approach to improving Latino health.

MHP Salud published its new strategic plan in 2014. The plan guides the organization’s decisions to further the mission.

  1. Serve as a leader of, and authority on, the CHW model
  2. Advance the CHW model as a concept and as a profession
  3. Expand and ensure access to resources and services for individuals, families and communities to improve health outcomes
  4. Build and maintain strategic, collaborative and meaningful relationships, both internally and externally, to carry out MHP Salud’s mission
  5. Seek to develop products and services to broaden and diversify the funding streams for programs that fulfill our mission, including generated revenue.

Finally, we would like to thank our funding partners and Board of Directors for their continued support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you, from all of us.

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